Saturday, 19 May 2012

Earn With PTC sites

You can earn money with PTC sites you just need to visit some links and see at least 30 seconds to 1 minute and you see the ads the company give you money for seeing this ads.
1. First You need To make and AlertPay Account Which Link are giving below. So click this banner and make AlertPay and learn how to make an AlertPay Online Account Which you need to working on this site.

Click on this banner and see how to create Alertpay Account.

Now you can register on PTC sites Some site are those where you work but at the end of month that sites where you waste your most of time not give you revenue of your working and that's all are fake websites. But these all site which i given below that all are working and 100% surely paying money of your work.

Join these Sites

You Please write your User Name and Password Same because some time you forget your password and user so make same username and password all the sites which are given above.

Where they ask your payment method which you want to choose they give option like PayPal, Alertpay( payza) and liberty Reserve So make your payment method Alerpay and give Alertpay email where they will ask payment method.

 Now your are thinking why these site giving us money so i am telling you that with a example.
Your friend has a company which name is Gorny Cola and he want to introduce this product to all over the world that he want to know every people to his product so he give 100$ to Clixsense to introduce his product all over the world. That's all he introduce his product on this method to know every one about his product.
Clixsense Run his ads and they give 80$ to his joiners on this site which are seeing that ads and 20$ make own which are Clixsense earning so now you know why this websites give money you can also make make money to inviting your friend by referring you.


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