Monday, 30 April 2012

Get all sites directories

Get all sites directories which are running Google search engine, Now you will get all sites directory here, here is music, films, earning, songs and all sites directory available.

Now Advertise your business on Yahoo and bing

Now advertise your business on yahoo and Bing search engines. Coupon are given below Enter coupon in your ad center account.


Adsense Approval Trick

First Open This Link and see video

Google Adsense Approval Tips
1)Clear The History
2) Go to
3) Create New Ac (Don't use existing)
4) Go to blogger and make a blog
5) Submit blog

Blog Details As Followed:
This Post confirms my ownership of the site and that
this site adheres to Google AdSense program policies and terms and conditions
post title: domain ownership
label: website ownership

6)Put content as desired (EG: Cameras, Unboxings,Games, etc etc)
7)Publish it
8)Make sure that there are more than 10POSTS
9)Make sure that there are more than 300+ Views
10) To get easy views Goto []
11) Once reached 10posts with 300 or more views click earnings on blogger
12) Fill in info for Google Adsense
13) Wait for approval! [Hope fully you will get accepted]

Now Promote your business on Google free

Now promote your business on Google free advertising on Google with promotion code.
In this link which are given below open this and fill all the information which are asking in this form and click on submit and after some hour or day you will receive a Adwords Coupon.

In this link you will get 75$ of Adwords coupons.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

How to Verified your Paypal Account

I am going to show you how to verify your PayPal Account.
Follow these steps:
1. Open PayPal with USA Ip, and get signup here the will give you a page where you will select country, Now select USA, after select country now go next step of the signup next step select personal accounts. And now signup here.

2. Make a bank account here, Open and signup here with the 2rd option Rollover IRA, signup here and put fake information here now you are thinking where you will find the fake information so this website is a best website where you will find the fake information.

3. After doing these steps login your PayPal with USA Ip address.
4. Now click verify your account and put here your bank account detail which you make above.
5. After putting your bank account you click verify your PayPal.

This is a best way to verifying your PayPal.

Get 25$ coupon of Bing And Yahoo advertising

Get Unlimited 25$ coupons of Bing and Yahoo advertising.

Put your information in this form and submit and you get 25$ coupon of Bing Yahoo advertising.

Get More Traffic and Backlinks with presentation

I am telling you the best way to generating unique traffic and massive back-links for your website or blog you just follow these steps.
1. First Make an article and make a power point presentation in your office tool "PowerPoint" and make a slide show. (You also make slide show from
2. After creating slide show you will just need to submit your presentation on these websites where are given below. First you signup in these sites and make usernames mind it, you make username those which are same keyword which you are targeting it is very beneficial for you and give this method the massive traffic that you need.
Websites are given below.

this will help you to get more traffic and help you to get back-links also.

Lastly Do not forget it, that your user name is your RSS feed, Go to these sites and find your RSS feed here, these sits will bring you RSS feed in your browser and copy the URL which is showing in your browser which page have RSS feed and submit it to RSS feed Irrigation.

RSS finding Sites are below.

Bookmarking site that get indexed quickly your blog or website in Google

Today i have found some website where your indexed your website or blog quickly in Google. Your will be easily index your site in Google by using this these social bookmarking sites.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Facebook Likes Script

This is a script that you use in your Facebook page for increasing your likes on Facebook page. This is a script that you would place invisible like button when every cursor for a present time of amount.

I got most visitors in this method i got 2500+likes in this method. It is not guarantee to give you likes its depend on your Facebook page security.

60 Minites Free Skype Credit

Ifeelgoods are giving a Skype credit coupons which we use in our skype account and talk at least 60 minutes free of cost.
Like this app on Facebook with USA, Canada ip...

Copy your coupon code after signin your account and redeem it at this link.

And now talk on skype free of cost

How to Creat Facebook PVA Account

How to make facebook pva's accounts
1. Signup on Facebook.
2. Go to Account setting Go mobile > then go register Facebook with text message.
3. After clicking there a window will open now and there is a option to select country then select country after select your country put your mobile number and click submit now after submit.
4. After submit they will sent you a text massage on your mobile phone in this text massage they will sent you a verification code that you enter in that window that opened. After putting the verification code your Facebook id is now verified.
5. Now After 10 to 15 second the page will automatically refresh and tell you , you have now verified.
6. Now create some dummy apps and go back your account settings and go mobile and remove mobile number that you put there.
7.Now Your PVA Accounts is created.
8. Repeat same processes and create again your pva account.

Adwords Coupon link

Start Your online business by advertising online on google free of cost. Here is a link where you will get Google Adwords free 75$ Coupon code and start advertising on google free. You just need to go this Form and fill this form that given in this link After filling the form you submit it it will take 2-3 days for approval and The Google Team sent you a Coupon Code by E-mail.
Link is:

Competitive Ads Filter Of Google Adsense

Visit this link and lets see the list of Google Adsense low earning sites which is earning low, here is 1 thousands site which had low earning of Google Adsense.
Put your Adsense Account list by logging in your Adsense Account You just need to loggin your Adsense account and Now Choose your Adsense Account Setup and choose your cometitive ads filter, Copy paste the url on box Click Save Change......And Its Done Now

Make Money With Google Adsense

Do you want to make money by living online. i would like to share some think where you will earn money by living online.
The most popular affiliate program of Google Adsense is a best way to earn money online. Google adsense is a best affiliate site for pay per click as you know, Google Adsense is available online thousands of people and webmasters are using Google Adsense and earm money with Google Adsense online. Just sign up in to Adsense and once you approved you just need to place ads codes on your site and show live ads all over the worlds and your site visitors see the ads and when the visitors come on your site and see the ads and when the visitors click on your ads and the google adsense earning is going up now. When your earn atleast 10$ Google will sent you one package in your home address, in this package the google will sent you 4 digits pin code which you add in your Google Adsense Account and it will over. Now you can cash out your money and get from Western Union.

Get An Adsense Experts

Adsense is a best way for earning you can earn money with Adsense just doing little efforts the main thing that you need that is website you have a website which have best traffic here is an adsense experts that you need to earn money online from adsense get 302 Adsense websites and 40 or more e-books for adsense.
Adsense Experts

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