Sunday, 29 April 2012

Get More Traffic and Backlinks with presentation

I am telling you the best way to generating unique traffic and massive back-links for your website or blog you just follow these steps.
1. First Make an article and make a power point presentation in your office tool "PowerPoint" and make a slide show. (You also make slide show from
2. After creating slide show you will just need to submit your presentation on these websites where are given below. First you signup in these sites and make usernames mind it, you make username those which are same keyword which you are targeting it is very beneficial for you and give this method the massive traffic that you need.
Websites are given below.

this will help you to get more traffic and help you to get back-links also.

Lastly Do not forget it, that your user name is your RSS feed, Go to these sites and find your RSS feed here, these sits will bring you RSS feed in your browser and copy the URL which is showing in your browser which page have RSS feed and submit it to RSS feed Irrigation.

RSS finding Sites are below.


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