Thursday, 10 May 2012

How to get Virtual Creadit Card Free of cost

I verified the account with this method. This is like using a virtual card, but free. Anyone can do it. This applies to the whole country
1) Subscribe to actual information. Should match the information in your PayPal account.It scans your identity and must submit a bill with your name and full address. If all goes well, it takes time to test for a week or less.
3) Once activated, your Neteller account, login and go "Net + Virtual Card" link. You will find the option to activate the virtual credit card. This is usually better if everything is instantaneous. This version is the "web" open "office" can be downloaded.
The number, expiration date and CVC should be. Create a new map on the play button and the current map does not waste. When you want to use.NOTE: You can get a debit card like the real thing. The ATM may be used. This is free and available within 20 days. But be careful ..inactivity fee. $ 3 x months, a "tax" is.
 4) Well, this is the hardest part ... How to download your Neteller account? There are some options:
> Wire Transfer (minimum deposit: $ 30)> Method of Everest Poker (minimum deposit: $ 10) [Moneybookers, Paysafecard, Click2Pay]> (This will cost $ 7) for my help of Pentecost

 We "Everest Poker" method tells you. Moneybookers, Paysafecard and Click2Pay if you have the money, it's just work. Deposits and other withfraw only works with Everest Poker is the only poker room is a process.A real money account and deposit $ 11 saving, download room, go to, you only need to register. Then play a few tables to hide 10cent, but still leaves the balance of $ 10. Then, take a cash option "Neteller", Ts and $ 10 (the minimum allowed will be deleted) delete them. Wait two days and you will get money into your NETeller account.

 However, Monetbookers Everest Poker, you do not want to participate or not the money, Paysafecard and Click2Pay. The 3 ($ 1.95 + $ 1) $ which is necessary for the verification can help to send. $ 9 to send my PayPal account is necessary. Then send your Neteller account for $ 3. Why is $ 9? Well ... PayPal, the transacition, Neteller for peer to peer transfers of shares for $ 1 + has a rate of about $ 0.60. We have $ 1.60 + $ 3 = $ 4.60. The remaining $ 4.40 is charged for this transaction.For a long time because I used my debit card, Neteller if you put the money into my account, I automatically about $ 15 (6 deduct a recreation fee, the fee for months). Then perhaps it will be the


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