Sunday, 6 May 2012

How to Creat Alertpay Account With Pictures

Creat Alertpay Account with tutorial in screen shot.
Today i am going to tell you how to create Alert Pay Account. Alert pay is a online payment process where we will be able to sent and receive money online its so easy to create Alert pay account. If you are working in PTC sites then you must create Alertpay account to receive your earning money in your Alertpay account.
First of all click this banner and go to Alertpay page where you will create account.

When you open Alerpay page then click on signup and go to form. Select your contry and select PERSONAL PRO and then click on next button.

when you go on next form then put your all information correct and then go the next page.

After going next step please enter your email address in this form and password then re-enter your password here and then enter a transaction pin this form and Mind it when you want to receive money from PTC sites then give then this Transaction pin to get paid.

Then go to the next step in next step enter your security question that you choose your own here and give answer and remember this security question answer if you forget your pass then give the answer of this question after answering this question Alertpay will give you your password.

When you done this all Alertpay will sent you and verification email on your own email which you put in your Alertpay Form. In that email Alertpay will sent you a verification link in your email address open your email and click that link after clicking that link your alertpay account is now verify.


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