Sunday, 29 April 2012

How to Verified your Paypal Account

I am going to show you how to verify your PayPal Account.
Follow these steps:
1. Open PayPal with USA Ip, and get signup here the will give you a page where you will select country, Now select USA, after select country now go next step of the signup next step select personal accounts. And now signup here.

2. Make a bank account here, Open and signup here with the 2rd option Rollover IRA, signup here and put fake information here now you are thinking where you will find the fake information so this website is a best website where you will find the fake information.

3. After doing these steps login your PayPal with USA Ip address.
4. Now click verify your account and put here your bank account detail which you make above.
5. After putting your bank account you click verify your PayPal.

This is a best way to verifying your PayPal.


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