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Best Anti Virus

The best antivirus software 2011/12BitDefender editor choisePrice:BitDefender PriceBitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012

 BitDefender Antivirus Plus BitDefender 2012, or "basic anti-virus security silent" so-called, spyware and identity theft, phishing attempts, viruses, and works extremely powerful.
 Social network, and ensure the best antivirus software 2012 new features like autopilot problem in the first place put back online.Read the reviewBitDefender 2012New advanced features:
 * No annoying pop-up* There is no break in all    Nothing to configure
* And the full protection of privacy* Filters ******** MALICIUS Twitter pages and links* Advance warnings about sites on the Internet is fraught with risks* Progress to protect against viruses and spyware.

 $ 39.95Screenshots:Bit Bit Defender, screenshoot-1-2-Bit Defender Defender screenshot-screenshoot screenshoot-4-3-Bit Defender.
Source: www.bitdefender.comTop Rated Antivirus Software (10): 9.2 / 10Anti-VirusMore photos of:Kaspersky-screenshoot-1Kaspersky-screenshoot-2Kaspersky-screenshoot-3Kaspersky-screenshoot-4Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

 Kaspersky anti-virus viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, malware, bots, and root kits, as collateral for a couple of programs that allow you to include users from threats. Program was created to protect users against a number of angles and viruses common, not only with advanced technology to maintain a safe environment, and was also against new threats and unknown. Kaspersky Internet Security suites available in a wide variety of tools, and have specific features on the Internet.Read the reviewFeatures:
* Get real-time protection against viruses and spyware.* Web site for malicious code and e-mail scanning* Protect the digital identity, and to stop* Analyze the gaps to get treatment and counselingEasily accessible * The new desktop tool

Trail Button $ 39.95Top Rated Antivirus Software (10): 8.7 / 10Norton anti-virusMore photos of:Norton screenshoot-1Norton screenshoot-2Norton screenshoot-3Norton screenshoot-4Norton Antivirus 2011
Norton Anti Virus 2011 program is the attention of a number of features to meet the security needs of your own, and offers a new approach to Internet security. One advantage of using a global scale to protect against viruses. Each of the components work together to provide full protection and all angles. Norton Anti Virus 2011 program is now out of the most popular web browsers, and is supported by Chrome, Opera and Safari.Read the reviewFeatures:

 * Traditionally, the strongest protection against Internet threats* Norton Reputation Service check of the file quick and immediateMultiple layers of protection * Norton Protection System* Up to the minute with Norton Pulse Updates* SONAR behavioral protection with 3 monitors your PC for suspicious behavior
Trail Button $ 39.99Top Rated Antivirus Software (10): 8.2 / 10NOD-virusESET NOD32 Antivirus 4
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 is a proactive anti-virus program protects your system while browsing the Internet. ESET Threat Sense has the technology that provides protection against even unknown threats. 4 This is the best thing about anti-virus protects you against threats, and ensure that the system works smoothly and efficiently. The only way you will know that he is running the information system, which opens from time to time.Read the full textMore photos of:

 Nod, Nod, Nod-1-screenshoot screenshot gesture-4-2-3-screenshoot screenshot$ 39.99 Read button commentators Trail ReviewTop Rated Antivirus Software (10): 7,6 / 10Titanium-virusTrend Micro Titanium Antivirus
The Trend Micro antivirus titanium, or even a new cloud-based technologies, high quality, only moderate compared with other antivirus programs. In a cloud-based technology, and better than previous versions, and allows you to protect your computer. Before it reaches your computer, Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus detects threats.Read the full textMore photos of:Titanium and titanium and titanium, screenshot screenshoot-1-2-3-titanium screenshot screenshoot-4$ 39.95 Read button commentators.

 McAffee Site Adviser toolbar antivirus plus 2011, and the inactivity timer, the new system on the Internet, which provides proactive protection while enhancing the performance and productivity is to combat viruses. McAffee Antivirus Plus 2011 antivirus software if you have a firewall in the way that's not all. This, among other things, sharing e-mail or fraud on the Internet for a moment, and hazardous sites, protect your computer from malicious Web sites and files.Read the full textMore photos of:McAfee-screenshoot screenshoot-1-2-McAffee McAffee McAffee-screenshoot-3-4-screenshoot$ 49.99 Read button commentators Trail ReviewTop Rated Antivirus Software (10): 6.8 / 10Panda Anti-Virus,Panda Antivirus Pro 2011
 Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 is an antivirus solution effectively. It is possible to make the most effective anti-virus and is characterized by a number of security tools. So you can fight against new threats is not known. Installation is simple, but it is a test, and the process is slowed down in the presence of harmful system. One of the PSCA, easily resolved if using a tool provided technical support. Software installation went smoothly and was completed in just a few minutes.Read the full textMore photos of:Panda, screenshoot-A-Panda Panda-2-screenshoot screenshoot screenshoot-3-4-Panda$ 55.32 Read button commentators Trail ReviewTop Rated Antivirus Software (10): 6.1 / 10Avast, antivirusAvast! Antivirus Pro
 Has received an anti-virus virus Pro and several awards in the effectiveness of protection systems against malware. Combines the characteristics that make this one of the best in the industry. This is spyware, rootkits, Trojans, and there is no protection against other common threats. This is a built-in instant messaging and file sharing, P2P shield and has a special defense.Read the full textMore photos of:Avast-screenshoot-1-Avast Avast-2-screenshoot screenshoot screenshoot Avast -3-4 -$ 74.95 Read button commentators Trail ReviewTop Rated Antivirus Software (10): 5.7 / 10Spyware VirusSpyware Doctor with AntiVirus 2011
Spyware Doctor with Antivirus 2011 to protect your computer from viruses and malicious programs is one of the most effective tools. Monitors every process and malicious software such as antivirus software protects IntelliGuard similar behavior has many powerful features. This scanner, files, system, e-mail, cookie guard, protect the site, the protection of a vaccine, guarding the start, network, and offers protection in real-time transactions.Read the full textMore photos of:Viruses, spyware screenshoot screenshoot screenshoot screenshoot-1-2-spyware -3-4 -$ 39.99 Read button commentators Trail ReviewTop Rated Antivirus Software (10): 5.2 / 10CA Anti-Virus



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