Friday, 1 June 2012

Remote Desktop Connection The Best Way To Control Computer from any where

Today i will tell you a method how to control your and another person Computer in any where where you want.
you will be able to go any of other computer via ip address and use any computer via this option.
Follow these steps.

First of all Click on my compute go your computer---> properties--->Click on Remote Tab and check on 2nd option which is : Remote desktop after checking this 2nd option Click OK.

Now go to Start Menu and go Accessories and Click Remote Desktop Connection.

 Give here your client ip address and Name of client Computer and Click Connect Now you go on your client Computer its easy to use....Teamviewers is slow but this is fast....

Atleast a Window will open and give username and password of the other computer which you want to use after giving username and password of other computer you will in other computer.


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