Monday, 15 October 2012

How To Speed Up Your Internet.....(Easy Solution)

You are getting too slow speed of your internet then that's no issue
i can solve your problem just doing these small steps...
How to Speed Up Internet Connection and Make its speed high.
1) Click Start -> Run.. (Windows+R)
2) Type : gpedit.msc  in the run box.
3) Now in the left navigation bar, select Administrative Templates and expand it (using +)

4) Continue browsing : Network -> QOS Packet Scheduler –>Limit Reservable Bandwidth

5) After reaching Limit Reservable Bandwidth double click it and a window will show up.

6) Change Not Configured radio button to Enable.

7) Set the value of Limit of Bandwidth to ZERO (0%)

8) Hit Apply then Ok.

Setting it to zero will let the connection gives its best as it can.
You may restart your Computer for changes to take effect.



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