Sunday, 10 February 2013

How You Can Make Facebook Private

Protection your privacy online is very important, you need to set some settings on Facebook profile that how you can be able to private your Facebook profile that can see your Facebook friends other wise no can see your Facebook profile information.

You need to do some setting with your Facebook account let's start.

1. Login to your Facebook Account first.

2. Click "Account" near upper right corner of the page and then click on Privacy Settings.

3. Now selects friends of friends, just friends, recommended now check your settings and apply for example if you select friends then your Facebook personal information, photos and profile page can see your approved friends on Facebook and also you can choose which type of information your friends can see if you want to change this then click on customize settings to choose which type of information you wanna show.

4. Click edit your settings in the under website in the lower left corner and change each setting on your desired privacy settings.

5. Now lastly Back to Privacy and edit your lists and privacy settings.


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